About Benoni Brickworks

Benoni Brick Works was originally established in 1982, in the east of Boksburg. The owner obtained a VB 1 from the brick manufacturing company PMSA.

In 1984, the business relocated to Benoni; where it is still operating. The relocation was necessary due to the growth and demand for bricks during the early eighties; a second VB 1 was obtained to meet the growth.

In 2001, during a management meeting, the decision was made to specialise in cement paving bricks; this decision proved to be very effective and the company grew at an average of 20 % per annum during the early and mid-2000. During the recession of 2008 / 2009, the company was effectively managed to maintain its market share. From 2010 onwards, the company grew again and today it plays a large role in providing cement paving bricks in Ekurhuleni and the far western areas of Mpumalanga.

To ensure that the company maintains it’s market share, it is marketed aggressively on Google by an international company.


When the decision was made to specialise in paving, the managers sourced materials from SAB approved companies; today, all the suppliers carry the SABS mark of quality.

Sourcing cement from one of the oldest cement companies in South Africa, which produces a superior product that has been developed specifically for the Pre-Cast industry, resulted in a fast turnover of our products. The SABS requires the compressive strength of the bricks to be 25 mpa at 28 days; with our refined mix design, we achieved this specification in less than 7 days.

To enable us to achieve these results, we had to source our aggregates from as far as Kendal in Mpumalanga. These aggregates are of a very high quality and shape, which contribute to the quality of our products.


The companies’ objective is to provide high-quality cement paving bricks to the construction industry, paving contractors, developers, local authorities and the public.

To meet our objective, the company manufactures 50 mm bevel pavers, 60 mm Interlocking pavers as well as 80 mm Interlocking pavers. The 50 mm and 60 mm pavers are available in six colours and are kept as stock items. The 80 mm pavers are usually manufactured in Grey; however, if a client requests one of the other colours, the company will manufacture as such.


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