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The quality of your bricks will determine the sustainability and longevity of your building.

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Paving Bricks

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Providing high quality paving bricks that meet your requirements and SAB specifications.

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Benoni Brick Works is committed to providing quality construction materials; our sand is the perfect material for your construction project.

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Welcome to Vintage Brickworks cc t/a Benoni Brickworks

Benoni Brickworks ensures the highest quality construction materials. Our manufacturing services are offered to the Ekhuruleni North, East and South regions.

Bricks are fired clay materials with the bonding agents of cement, sand and water. Benoni Brick Works utilises innovative techniques and technological advancements for impressive structures and infrastructure.

Create a pristine impression for any building establishment with construction materials from Benoni Brick Works. Incorporate contemporary building aspects with construction materials ideas with either exposed, glazed or painted bricks. Enhance current infrastructural buildings with brick works that will create a pristine and professional finish.

We realise the importance of high quality materials and we are SAB Standards certified. The compliance to these high quality standards ensures that we supply the best building bricks, cement paving bricks as well as building sand. Our construction materials and practice caters for various industries.

All specifications relating to brick materials associate with brick floors and walls, cement paving and building sand components. Construction materials are vital for sturdy infrastructures for maximum durability.

Benoni Brickworks will ensure the highest calibre of construction materials. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful brick facades and construction materials which shield from the elements and creates an effective noise buffer between buildings.

Sustainability and longevity all form part of the quality performance we pride ourselves in. The construction field sees many applications that bricks and cement components plays a critical role.

With Benoni Brickworks processes of brick works provides weather resistance, Building bricks- no maintenance required, temperature balance component, acoustic performance. Industry required, background emphasis,

The high quality materials and processes Benoni Brick Works incorporates distinguish us as a reputable supplier of brick working. Our services transcend far beyond our clients expectations.

Benoni Brickworks provides a cost-effective solution to various construction techniques.

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