Cement Paving Bricks

With Benoni Brick Works and our Cement Paving Bricks, you can increase the value and quality of your home.

Research shows that paving your home with paving bricks will increase the value of your home. No matter what you choose to pave, your driveway, the garden pathways, patio or around your swimming pool. Good Quality paving bricks will increase the quality of your home.

Paving bricks, or pavers, are used for driveways, walkways and patios; all of which assist in creating an inviting appeal to your home. A pavement makes the front area of your home tidier and welcoming, while a well-executed driveway makes it easier for vehicles to drive in and out of your property.

Our Cement Paving Bricks

Paving bricks are available in a wide range of colurs. Paving brick colours can include: grey, charcoal, multi-blend, tan, plum and brown. Paving bricks is usually manufactured as a whole brick.

Benoni Brick Works Has dedicated itself to providing high quality paving bricks that meet your requirements and SAB specifications.

  • 50mm bevel pavers
  • 60mm interlocking pavers
  • 80mm interlocking pavers

Our 50 and 60mm pavers are available in six colours, and our 80m paver is usually available in grey, however, should you wish to have it in another colour, we are more than pleased to manufacture the paver in a colour of your choice.

For further information on our Paving Bricks, Contact Benoni Brick Works today.


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