At Benoni Brick Works we specialize in the following Services:

Some of the projects we have supplied pavers to:

Actonville side walk – 24 000 m2 60 mm Int Ekurhuleni – Benoni Roads
Tembisa market – 11 000 m2 Bevels Ekurhuleni – Kempton Park
Balfour Roads – 14 000 m2 80 mm Int Balfour – Balfour Roads


Benoni Brick Works supplies high quality building and construction materials to the Ekurhuleni North, East and South Areas as well as the Western Areas of Mpumalanga. We are a manufacturing company based in Boksburg.

Our brick manufacturing services reach major construction industries, paving contractors, developers, interior decorators, local authorities as well as the general public.

Benoni Brick Works provides a comprehensive supply in brick works such as building bricks, cement paving bricks and building sand. All of these are aesthetically pleasing for interior and exterior purposes.

Building Bricks

Bricks have long lasting and sustainably efficient durable qualities. Benefits of bricks include great weather resistance which in turn maintains temperature balance within the building.

Without being limited to construction based brick uses for external uses only, interior decorators utilise our brick supplies for contemporary designs. An illustrative example of this includes the exposed brick look as an alternative for wall colour. Bricks can be a rare element which sets the tone. Texture is also an additional feature for construction works such as innovative three-dimensional effects.

Cement Paving Bricks

Uses of cement paving include driveways, garden pathways, patios or around the swimming pool. Cement paving has an inviting appeal for any establishment. Paving bricks are manufactured as a whole brick with particular preferences according to the client. Unique colours include grey, brown, charcoal, multi-blended, tan and plum. Cement paving includes the following specifications: 50mm bevel pavers, 60mm interlocking pavers as well as 80mm interlocking pavers.

Building Sand

Building contractors use building sand as a vital mortar component for laying bricks. Building sand is a naturally occurring element with compositional divided rock, mineral particles as well as angular grains excluding salt like properties.

Building sand has a relatively fine quality and has preparations in plastering and landscaping for a smooth finishing effect.

It is important to note that all our building materials and construction materials are in definitive compliance with SAB Standards. All establishments using Benoni Brick Works has sturdy characteristics of brick works.

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